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Social Security Benefits Calculator: Estimating Benefits

The Social Security Administration provides calculators to help you figure the amount of disability benefit you may receive. You can use their disability benefits calculators to estimate your potential benefit amounts. You can use different retirement dates, or different levels of potential future earnings. These calculators show your disability benefits and survivor benefits available to you if you were to suffer a disability. Be sure to use the right benefit calculator for the specific benefits you desire to receive.

Estimating your disability benefits can be very difficult, and the disability calculator estimates may end up being different from the actual benefits you receive. It’s important to note the benefit calculators are not “official estimates” and are only as accurate as the information you enter. We can help you obtain the official disability benefit amount also known as the Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) in regard to your Title II Disability Claim.

The Social Security Administration provides the Quick and Online benefit calculators which can be used directly over the internet. Benefit calculators for Macintosh users are available, such as the Online Calculator.

You can download the Macintosh Detailed Benefits Calculator directly from the SSA website.
The Social Security Administration offers a detailed benefits calculator you can download from the SSA website. The Detailed Calculator has other important links:

If you need a benefit estimate on someone else’s record, such as your parent and/or spouse, you can call the toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213, or contact your nearest Social Security office. We can also help you obtain the official Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) in regard to your claim.

Help for Denied Disability Benefits

If your claim for Social Security Disability Benefits is denied or you are thinking about an application for disability benefits, we will be happy to meet with you for a FREE consultation. Our Law Firm is experienced in the process of applying for Social Security Disability Benefits. If you need help calculating out how much you can receive in disability benefits, we will help you navigate the difficult journey of getting the benefits you rightly deserve, 813-657-9175.


5 stars??? If I could give 10, I would!!! Professional, knowledgeable, caring.... there’s not enough words to describe what an amazing experience I’ve had dealing with them. Highly recommend!!!

- Tanya

Attorney David Magann is a Marine Corps Veteran with a Criminology Degree from The University of South Florida and a Law Degree from The University of Miami. He will be your advocate working to get the benefits you deserve.

Five stars


5 stars??? If I could give 10, I would!!! Professional, knowledgeable, caring.... there’s not enough words to describe what an amazing experience I’ve had dealing with them. Highly recommend!!!

- Tanya

David helped me with my S.S. disability. The office staff was always there to answer my questions and I was actually able to sit with David to go over my case. Most attorneys have you meet with their office staff and you never meet with them personally. David is very personal and a great person.

- Lisa

Mr. Magann is a veteran that cares about the well-being of all veterans. And will go the distance for all clients needing help with Social Security claims. I highly recommend if you are in need of an attorney for SSI Benefits.

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Great service. Has served me well. Easy to get ahold of a person when you call! Have some bilingual staff. I would recommend Mr Magann. Be well.

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