Do Not Believe Non-Lawyer Websites Who Post 95% Success Rates!

Continually we see claimants who have had a non-lawyer representative whose company boasts a 95% success rate when in fact it is simply not true. No lawyer website can ethically advertise with success rates in percentages because it is misleading and yes, unethical. Each claim is different and if it is to good to be true, well, do not be fooled. If a representative is boasting win percentages ask for a comprehensive statiscal analysis done by a third party to prove the approval rate. In almost every instance you will receive no response. In fact once a company, website, or individual boasts a 95% win rate or call themselves “experts” you should avoid these representatives.  There is nothing “expert” about less education and misleading statements about success rates.

There are many lawyer representatives which can provide a realistic analysis and help in your Social Security Disability claim. Also there is a governing body in each lawyer’s state who can take real action in case the lawyer misrepresents himself/herself. On the contrary, non-lawyers have little regulation, educational requirements, and no license is required. Being “certified” as a non-lawyer is taking a couple hour test via SSA which does not give any oversight to actual educational requirements besides passing a singular test.

It is easy to be mislead by a multitude of the non-lawyer advertising in the Social Security Disability process, just don’t make the mistake of being fooled by absurd success rates.

David W. Magann, Esq.

USMC Veteran