Why do Law Firms send Non-Attorneys to Hearings? Don’t Let It Happen to You!

Sad but true, there many law firms who are sending non-attorneys to Social Security Hearings. As we pointed out in previous articles, Morgan & Morgan right here in Tampa, Florida is just one of several law offices in the State of Florida doing this on a regular basis. It is noteworthy that on these law firms advertising and websites there is no mention of sending non-attorneys to your Social Security hearing. Why is that… you can guess why I am sure.

The bottom line is that it is cheaper for the law firm but not any cheaper for you. You should not be the “second tier client” who does not get an actual attorney. It’s not what any person should have to deal with when they think they hired an actual law firm.

Clearly, the law firms sending these non-attorneys are not advertising that they are sending non-attorneys to Social Security hearings with you the claimant. In a previous Blog we challenged attorneys and non-attorneys alike to show us any advertising listing them as “non-attorneys”. We are still waiting for any response.

We recommend, to ask to see your representatives Florida Bar card before the Hearing and find that person on the www.FloridaBar.org website to see his or her history with the Florida Bar.

If your Social Security representative is not an attorney you should immediately ask the Judge for an attorney. This is your right.

Don’t be hurt by a law firm sending a non-attorney to your most important day of your claim which will predict the outcome of winning or losing precious benefits.

The Social Security Administration has a list of actual attorneys who can represent you and/or you can call us at 813-657-9175