Beware of SSDC Services for Your Disability Claim: A Conflict Of Your Interest

There are many companies, such as Allsup that perform a similar function as SSDC services which is to protect the interests of the insurance company who may be providing your Long Term or Short Term disability benefits. Directly from SSDC website is the following:

How It Works:

“SSDC will secure authorization from the LTD recipient to initiate transfer of the LTD plan administrator’s calculated overpayment amount from the recipient’s bank account after the first retroactive SSDI payment has been deposited. After notification of an SSDI award and deposit of funds in the recipient’s account, SSDC will secure verbal confirmation from the recipient to proceed with withdrawal from the account. Periodic contacts by SSDC to remind client of obligation to repay LTD overpayment are mandatory.”

In other words, they, SSDC, Allsup, etc., takes your back benefit monies and gives it to the insurance company. And yes, this is legal under the Social Security regulations. Not only do they not have attorneys representing you, nor will you have an in person consultation who is your supposed representative, in the end you lose your back benefits. Clearly, SSDC, Allsup and the rest of the companies in the “industry” have an obvious conflict of interest and not your best interest in mind.

Avoid such companies under the guise that they are FREE because in the end it will cost you your back benefits and possibly the entire claim where representation is marginal at best.

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