How To File An Unfair Treatment Complaint Against An SSA Agent

How To File An Unfair Treatment Complaint against an SSA employee, Adjudicator and/or Judge:

Look to SSA Publication No. 05-10071,

What you should do if you think you were treated unfairly:
If you think any ALJ treated you unfairly, you should tell SSA about it and ask SSA to look into it. You can ask even while the Judge is deciding your claim for benefits.
Your complaint should be in writing. But you also can call SSA about your complaint, and SSA will write it down for you.

The  details should include: Your name, address and telephone number;
Your Social Security number; Who treated you unfairly;
How you think you were unfairly treated;
When you think you were unfairly treated;
The actions or words you thought were unfair;
Who else saw or heard the unfair treatment; and
If you are making the complaint for someone else, also give us your relationship to that person, and your name, address and telephone number.

What else you need to know:

Filing an unfair treatment complaint is not the same as appealing a decision. If you received a decision on your claim and you do not agree with it, you have 60 days from the date you receive the decision to ask for an appeal. The ALJ’s decision letter will explain how to file an appeal. You can describe the unfair treatment in your appeal. For more information, ask for The Appeals Process (Publication No. 05-10041), which also is available online at

Where to send your complaint, send it U.S. Certified Mail/Return Receipt Requested to the following:

The Chief Administrative Law Judge
Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
5107 Leesburg Pike, Suite 1608
Falls Church, VA 22041-3255