The Need to Submit All Medical Evidence: It is the Claimant’s/Representative’s Job!

Continually we meet with claimants who have been previously represented and find that important medical evidence was not obtained in order to win the previous claim. Time and time again with especially untrained and incompetent non-attorney representatives this theme of not obtaining medical evidence, when it could of and should of been sent into to SSA,is the primary reason for a claim denial.

As we have repeated in past blogs do not hire a non-attorney, consultant or supposed experts, whatever they might be calling themselves. Sadly when these non-attorneys neglect your claim there is no agency, except OIG (Office of Inspector General) who can help you. Generally, suing the non-attorney representative is your only option and an expensive option.

For a current list of people and companies to avoid at all costs here are the following “posers”:

1.Montefu Consulting, Inc. (a for profit non-attorney company who shockling is also attempting to sell “discount health” cards which are a waste of your money)
2. Morgan & Morgan – in most cases a clerk attends hearing not a lawyer. Beware of your contract if a non-attorney also signed the document. This is the classic bait and switch and is immoral.
3. Allsup, Inc. – this company falsely states the percentages of “wins”, is simply a collection agent for insurance companies, has non-attorney representatives and in many cases will take your hard earned money for the benefit of their “real” client, the insurance company. Beware, never use or enter into any agreement with Allsup.
4. Disability Group, Inc. – falsely states winning percentage, not Florida Bar licensed, California based company and good luck getting an actual attorney at your hearing or for you to meet in person for the initial meeting.
5. Disability Experts of Florida – non-attorney representatives, no legal education, “expert” is used loosely to describe themselves.
6. Binder & Binder – a New York based company, an “en mass” company meaning their business model is to obtain as many claimants as possible in volume and some will win but the marginal claims, good luck on prevailing.You will not see your attorney, if any, until you get to the hearing and by then if you have a marginal claim it is too late.

At least once a weeke we hear from a claimant formerly represented by one of the above and hope you will be wiser to avoid these problematic and often unethical representatives. To see who is an actual attorney go to