Avoid These “Non-Attorney” Representatives: TOP 5 – BEWARE AND AVOID

At the many hearing offices that we visit it is both sad and astonishing to see how unprepared, blissfully ignorant and lax many representatives are before going in front of the Judge. For example, if a representative has never seen you, the claimant, before the hearing, this is a red flag that indicates you should immediately tell the Judge you want to seek other counsel, not to mention if your representative is not even a lawyer. The following is a list of non-attorney representatives or who send non-attorneys to hearings, generally  have no law school education and in some cases you think your hiring a law firm when in fact you have a non-attorney clerk as your representative, the old bait and switch. Topping the list of those sending non-attorneys to Social Security hearings is shockingly a Florida law firm:

1. Morgan & Morgan – in many cases a clerk attends hearing not a lawyer. Beware of your contract if a non-attorney also signed the document. This makes it obvious the non-attorney will be attending your hearing.
2. Allsup, Inc. – this company falsely states the percentages of “wins”, is simply a collection agent for insurance companies, has non-attorney representatives and in many cases will take your hard earned money for the benefit of their “real” client, the insurance company. Beware, never use or enter into any agreement with Allsup.
3. Disability Group, Inc. – falsely states winning percentage, not Florida Bar licensed, California based company and good luck getting an actual attorney at your hearing or for you to meet in person for the initial meeting.
4. Disability Experts of Florida – non-attorney representatives, “expert” is their own description to describe themselves.
5. Binder & Binder – a New York based company, an “en mass” company meaning their business model is to obtain as many claimants as possible in volume and some will win but the marginal claims, good luck on prevailing.You will not see your attorney, if any, until you get to the hearing and by then if you have a marginal claim it is too late.

In general avoid the above and any representative who is not an attorney. Just simply never ever deal with a non-attorney for processing your claim or at your Hearing. Also avoid any referral services. Just take a minute and find an actual attorney who does Social Security claims as their primary practice.