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The Evaluation of Obesity under the Social Security Act

The following article provides general information on the guidelines used when the Social Security Administration evaluates obesity since October 25, 1999. Usually, the obesity issue is interconnected with ailments or “Listed Impairments” under the Social Security Act, to include but not limited to the following: diabetes, musculoskeletal impairments and pulmonary or breathing dysfunctions where spirometry...
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The Mystery Disease: Fibromyalgia

Within the last ten years the condition of fibromyalgia has been an accepted disease within the medical community. According to the Arthritis Foundation fibromyalgia is a form of soft tissue or muscular rheumatism with muscular pain and fatigue that affects over 5 million people in the United States. See, Arthritis Foundation, What is Fibromyalgia, www.arthritis.org...
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Social Security

In the past, most of the articles written about the Social Security Administration (SSA) have been about what is wrong with the agency and its programs. In the spirit of positive thinking the following are important programs and tools that the practitioner should be aware of and utilize when tackling a Social Security dilemma. The...
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